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    My name is Andy Mindel, and I’ve been making things online since the early days of the internet. I'm passionate about the ocean and anything that makes it easier for people to enjoy the sports they love.


    I live near the coast where I spend as much time as possible kite surfing, paddle boarding and mountain biking. Moving to the coast inspired me to make a board carrier to get my board to the beach without using the car.


    I hang out with my little dudes as much as possible and take them for travel adventures whenever possible.

  • Projects

    A selection of projects I'm currently involved in.


    I founded Wordtracker, a keyword research tool that helps you to research & discover new markets online and also whether those markets have any search volume.


    The simplest way to automate all your customer emails. Our mission is to make Onboard the simplest way possible to communicate with customers based on Stripe events.

    Shore Ride

    I created Shore Ride to make it easier for me to enjoy watersports. I live 800 metres from the sea in West Sussex, England and needed something I could easily attach to my board or kayak and allow me to walk or cycle to the water.


    I started this meetup in my local town of Shoreham-by-Sea to bring together all the entrepreneurial spirits. Those that have started something, those that are thinking about it and any shade in between. Come and join us if you're ever passing by Shoreham.

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